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How to make a VoIP call? - richard - 04-11-2019

How to make a call using VoIP?

To make a call using VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is easy to do. All that is required is the Internet, a PC or VoIP phone with a connection to a modem or router and a free or paid service from a VoIP service provider. Once all of this has been set up a call can be made and there are a number of ways to do this.

A VoIP phone can be purchased to make a call in the same way as with a landline telephone. It is also possible to use a current landline phone to make VoIP calls through the use of an adapter that connects it to the Internet. If you do not have a VoIP phone or an adapter you can use a piece of software called the softphone. This can be used on your PC or laptop to make and receive calls; however you will need a microphone and speakers in order to make use of the service.

With some VoIP services all of the methods stated above can be used and with others just one or two are possible. It is also the case that some providers only allow calls between its members whereas with others it is possible to ring anyone as long as they have a telephone.

These calls work in the same way as a normal phone call and makes a dial tone in the same way as a normal phone. What makes VoIP different is that it works by converting your voice into a digital signal. This signal is then sent over the Internet and will be sent to the receiver. If the call is to a telephone or mobile the signal will be converted back to a regular signal before it reaches the receiver. 

The services sometimes allow 3-way calls to be made. The way this is done may vary between services but the most common way is to call the first party as normal. Once the call is connected the user has to press the Recall button or Switch Hook and dial the second party. After the second party is connected the user must press Recall or Switch Hook again and the 3-way call can commence.

Another aspect to consider is the area code set-up as this can be set to a different area than the one the user lives in. This can make calls cheaper for those that live in this area code but if the user then wants to call someone in the area they live it may be more expensive.

With paid services it is worth looking at the options on offer as these can often save a lot of money especially on international and long distance calls. The calls are made cheaper as the conversion of the senders allows it to be sent to the receivers' local company so that in effect the call is sent as a short distance call and does not incur long distance charges.